Our Company

PERRY Luxe, LLC is a second-generation family owned and operated furniture and window covering manufacturer for the trade. Known for our exceptional quality, PERRY Luxe is sourced internationally by designers, builders and architects.

Sculpted Steel Furnishings

PERRY Luxe sculpted steel furnishings are made from hand-formed plate steel that is brought to life by artisans into a perfect blend of function and design. With superior craftsmanship and durable signature finishes, each piece is undeniably sexy and bold. Our sculpted steel furniture is not only versatile and practical, but each piece is a work of art that can be passed down from generation to generation.

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Furniture Finishes

Our furniture finishes are among the most durable, beautiful and unique in the industry. We’ve been developing our proprietary finish process since the early 1990’s. All of our exceptional finishes are hand-applied and burnished and we also offer painted finishes that can be customized to any color of the rainbow in matte, rubbed satin and high gloss sheens.


Window Coverings

Our founder, Phil Perry, is a pioneering specialist in large scale, oversize, motorized interior shades. With each window covering, we draw from decades of knowledge in how to construct a superior product. Each shade is tested for quality and functionality, with special attention paid to how it will be installed. We excel in working with difficult fabrics and challenging windows so that our customers never have to settle for less than what they envision for their clients. In addition to standard window coverings, we’ve created new and innovative designs of Steel Drapery Rods and Steel Cornices. Whether your project requires a simple kitchen Roman Shade or a curved and motorized iron rod, our custom capabilities are limitless and we welcome your creative or challenging ideas.

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House Fabrics

Our line of house fabrics is legendary with many of our customers. Producing them requires multiple steps of handling the fabric through specific processes that we’ve developed over the years. Our selection includes Natural Washed Cotton, Natural Washed Canvas/Duck, Twill and Linen.

House Fabrics

Our Commitment

Perry Luxe is committed to building excellent quality and great value into all we do. It is our goal to elevate practical pieces into works of art that last forever. We pride ourselves on our personalized customer service and we look forward to being your number one source.



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